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February Challenge - Roses

Thanks to everyone who made cards for the challenge this month.  Again we had some gorgeous cards entered and when I started counting the votes, they were quite evenly spread across the board. However we did have one definite winner....Pam
Pam stayed up until 2am making these roses on her card, as she was going away for a few weeks and needed to get the card in early. Obviously it paid off!! Congratulations Pam.
Here is Pam's lovely card (No.1)
Card 2 - Darna

Card 3 - Glenda
Card 4 - Maralene

Card 5 - Shakerah

Card 6 - Rhonda

Card 7 - Pat

Card 8 - Glenda

Card 9 - Shakerah

Card 10 - Maralene

Card 11 - Glenda
Card 12 - Ronda

Card 13 - Maralene 

Card 14 - Rhonda

Card 15 - Olive
Card 16 - Rhonda

Card 17 - Olive 

Card 18 - Olive



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Glenda M